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Shooters, did you know you should be very concerned about exposure to lead? Many shooters, even those that have been shooting for years are not aware of the risks. At the very least, you should educate yourself about the dangers of lead exposure, the issues which can be associated with lead toxicity and the steps you can take to reduce your exposure.  You have likely heard the old cliché that getting shot will result in lead poisoning, but you actually come into contact with lead each and every time you go to the range, whether indoor or outdoor. How you ask?

There are lead compounds used inside the primer of ammunition, when the primer is struck by the firing pin, a cloud of aerosol lead spews into the air, within a foot or so of your face. The lead will land on your hands, your face and your clothing, and you will breathe in some as well.  The actual bullets themselves are normally made of lead also and as they travel inside the barrel, tiny fragments can chip away and mix in with the discharge of gun powder. Below is an excellent video produced by “The Oregonian” showing in vivid detail how lead leaves a gun and how you are exposed when using a handgun.

A trip shooting with friends can expose each of you to lead particles with each round fired, even if you’re not shooting. You can also be exposed to lead while you are cleaning your firearm, which is why many educators recommend wearing gloves while you are cleaning. Another time that  exposure is possible is if you collect your spent brass on the range. That little piece of brass has been “Ground Zero” for the lead exposure with the leaded primer on end and the leaded bullet on the other.

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