A Gentler & Effective Way

to Detoxify Lead & Heavy Metals that’s Safe for All Ages.


Learn More About Lead Toxicity

30 Second video on how Detocream’s EDTA Chelation therapy cream can help remove lead toxins enabling you and your family to Live A Better Life.


You & your families bodies

Regardless where you live, you are exposed to heavy metals & lead on a daily basis.  It’s in our air, workplace, food, water, schools, homes, & humans don’t have an adequate mechanism to naturally rid ourselves of lead & heavy metal toxins.

Now that you Know, what can you do about it?

EDTA Chelation Therapy is a treatment which introduces Disodium EDTA into the body where it binds to lead & heavy metal molecules.  It then carries them out with normal body waste (urine & feces).  Detoxacream’s Topical EDTA Chelation therapy cream is the gentlest, easiest, and cost effective way to remove lead and heavy metal toxins.

Is EDTA Chelation Therapy Safe?

YES: A German scientist, Ferdinand Munz discovered EDTA Chelation nearly a century ago.  It was later successfully used to treat WW2 US Navy workers who painted ships and were exposed to lead paint.  Over the years, EDTA Chelation therapy has been proven to be extremely safe and effective as long as you follow the guidelines for safe EDTA Chelation of lead and heavy metal toxins.

More About Detoxacream’s EDTA Chelation Therapy